Features request for Artistly

Can we have some more art features please? 1. A choice of art mediums, such as: oil paints, acrylic, water colours, mixed media, none, ink, charcoal, collage, photography 2. And a choice of moods, such as: calm, exciting, fun, gloomy, happy, whimsical, annoyed, determined, playful, uplifted, crazy, none 3. And a choice of styles, such as: Anime, art decco, classical, abstract, art deco, digital, pop art, surrealism, barroque, none 4. And a choice of inspirations, such as: Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gough, Andy Warhol, none 5. And a choice of keywords, such as: Ambient, black and white, flat lighting, close up, 8k resolution, high resolution, masterpiece, highly detailed, global illumination, full face portrait, realistic, photo realistic, highly detailed, none