Give us choice to apply either user defined default Image Settings or previous render settings as default values before first render, with option to change if necessary before initial render.

Rather than generate an image before any properties have been set, and in the interest of reducing clicks, how we do this? * Revert to displaying and make editable the image settings controls as they were before, when rendering a new image. * Add an option that we can change before an image is generated. The options would be o Use My defaults o Use Previous Settings * And additional option, which would be unchecked immediately before rendering the image would be [ ] Save as My Defaults. If you check this, the currently defined settings would be saved in the user's profile as their defaults. When you click"Use My Defaults", the settings in the user's profile (per above) the image settings controls would be pre-filled with user's defaults prior to render. When you click "Use Previous Settings",these would persist from the previous render and be displayed in the individual image settings controls prior to render. At this stage, the user would have the option to tweak these image settings, if desired, or just click the button to render.