New categories for Tech Illustration

New categories for Tech Illustration Some of the most useful categories of commands or sub apps would be Array: The ability to upload a picture tuned the way you want it say a B-52 and ask for an array of them 5x 12 to illustrate the size of the force for example, Where’s X: (Where’s Waldo kind of illustration) The ability to upload a picture of a character and perhaps a picture of a setting as well tuned the way you want it and then have a crowd assembled around him to hide him. This could be for objects as well, by uploading a sample and diversifying and randomizing orientation. (1 car among many, etc) This would be wonderful for photorealistic or coloring books. Landscapes: The ability to select from categories of terrains (say rolling volcanic smooth plains like the moon), and then specify a given number of inserts (say crater lakes each a different color. Or factories each a different color) and also to specify the weather to some degree. Comparison: The ability to give a number, to ask for that number of (powdery piles, boxes, ships) and relative size ratios and specify colors of each to illustrate for example the relative size of national navies, or the relative cost of copper, silver, and gold. This could be in a neutral backdrop setting. A video showing relative sizes but with complex background is here but I would be very content with simple accurately sized piles of specified color Artistly has great power and strength but the above 4 things are very hard to do. Aircraft have extra engines, etc. and the ability to get 1 unit right and then scale array size and compare it would be huge, especially on a specified landscape.