fix background remover, it appears to remove lighter colors regardless of background. Setting a green screen, blue screen or red screen to identify background areas does not work. Use case e-commerce

This feature would greatly increase speed and effort for the case of e-commerce. as often the product images have a color that is similar to the background image that we want removed. and thus background remover also removes the products primary features that we want keept. See any product image with light colors in it. If you need specificexamples, I can provide them. In order to perserve subject image, often a color not used in the subject image is used as a background color. Most common green screen, blue screen or read screen. It would be nice if in background remover had a drop down to choose a color screen that is to be considered the background to be removed. example: + Default (existing) + Blue screen + Green Screen + Red Screen + Cusotmer color, where a input box for the color HTML code or color picker. or bonus points for a gradient range. Thanks